Monday, August 20, 2007

Why, Oh Why?

Once again I seem to find myself with Uncle Sam's boot up my ass.

Some might remember my past frustration with immigration, well I had sent off my card and Murphey's Law had his turn on my utter frustration.

Well today I called up to find out what is going on with the receipt I am suppose to be getting, so I can mail in my citizenship paperwork the beginning of next month.....
Now I don't know why I didn't see this coming

I call and get through to someone, and they start off by telling me, sorry you don't get a receipt and you should allow up to 6 months for the card to be returned with the correct information on it.

I thought I had heard wrong 6 MONTHS!!! Are they joking??

I need to get my paperwork in next month and I can't do anything without having proof that my permanent residency was approved!!! So frustrated I'm on the phone crying to J about what just happened, and he's angry o say the least. I need that Citizenship receipt for him to get his clearance... so now I'm just beside myself. The guy on the line had said to make an appointment with the office closest to me, but now their system has changed and all the options they give don't apply to me at all.

So now I'm fed up and call the Military help line (yes they finally got one for Active duty and immediate family... at last!!!)

For those interested it's 1877-CIS-4MIL (1877-247-4645)

So here I'm told that yes it is correct it will take up to 6 months (note this is how long it could take not how long it necessarily will take), but I should make an appointment. I state my frustration at the new options that don't apply to me at all... but am told to make any appointment and just explain when I get there....
So now I have an appointment at 09:45 tomorrow, to get a stamp in my soon to be toilet papaer passport and then to make copies of this to send along with my citizenship application!!!

Please... please..... please..... no more problems!!!
Let's see how this pans out *sigh*

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