Monday, August 20, 2007

Do you know what plagiarism is?

What I can't understand is how people just go about giving in their assignments and it is obviously plagiarized.

I feel like the damn plagiarism police, every time something is posted i check their references and BAM. It was a COMPLETE COPY & PASTE.

What are you completely stupid or just ignorant?

I absolutely hate being team leader, not because I'm too lazy to do it or it's too much work, just the garbage that gets put up for me to go through is ridiculous.

how is it possible for me to come up with a short 400 word paper, but you can't think how to word things better than the person you just stole it from, especially when your references are the same as mine!!!!

IDIOTS I tell you

now I know I'm prone to procrastination and aren't we all??, but come on how hard is it to do a little research and write a short paper, maybe 250 words??? That like a mini-mini essay!!!! You get given your whole course on a platter the day the semester starts, you have 6 units to get through, each one explains what your discussions are, your teamwork assignments, your homework assignments and your quiz. Now how hard is it to look at all of those and get your research together and once you get to that unit all you need to do is write a paper!!!!!!

I guess one thing I am thankful for is that whatever the other people in my group end up doing, my grade isn't affected, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but it's so frustrating.


Gnome said...

Plagerism is a big problem at this university (University of KZN). People are SO lazy. Now they have a new system though, called "My drop box" - where you submit assignments electronically and it automatically checks for plagerism. VERY good idea, I think.

LT said...

Yeah it is, what's stupid is that our classes are online and the professors can check their sources immediately.

SO I don't know how people can be so stupid.