Thursday, August 09, 2007

Panic Attack!!!!

Ok so I'm having a major panic attack.

I sent out my Card on monday, this was priority and signature confirmation required.

So when you buy Priority mail, they tell you it will take 2 - 3 days to deliver!! Ok sweet, so you pay them and you get your little tracking number and go online to check, which they say is updated every evening.!!

Now my tracking number has been saying the same thing since Monday, it has of yet not reached it's destination and now I'm freaking out, because if that card is lost in the mail I am out $300 to replace the damn thing!!!

I call up USPS, which is ridiculous, because if you go through their little system you get automated crap and then never get to a live person (which really is no help either so why bother....) I go through the putting in of tracking number, because
To best serve you we need to transfer your call to the correct operator, international or domestic

so you put in your number like an idiot and get the automated response which you can read on the internet!!! Then whne you try gettign a live person, they keep repeating...
This is up -to-date info


So once I get out of the number checking, I keep pressing 0 to get an operator, now I'm already steaming and trying to supress the ever growing panic attack!!!
She comes on and I explain my sistuation... only to have her reply..
oh Priority?? that can take 6-10 days...


SO I ask why it says 2-3 days then, and she says well that's the maximum time it can take...

Now should it not tell you the maximum time it can take rather than a 2-3 day???

She asks for the number and will she not read back the same crap I'm reading online....

I tell her I know it's in the system I put it there, I know when it was put in, I was there, I want to know where it is!!!

Naturally she can't tell me anythign and says to check online it gets updated every eveneing!!!


Are you kidding me!!!!!

I'm about to lose it!!! I can't afford this to be lost, it better arrive there tomorrow, otherwise I'm going to be way over my head in debt.

I am shaking so hard I think I'm going to throw up!!!

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