Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm hating every second I have to deal with immigration, now once again I have to mail stuff off, and this time it's because they made a mistake and never put my country of birth down.
Country of birth:
What the hell is that??? So I have to send back my new green card and make copies of my old green card showing that they actually do know my country of birth and I never made the mistake, so I shouldn't have to pay to fix it.

Now I'm applying for citizenship in september, I better get their confirmation of the mistake, because if my citizenship gets delayed or denied, because of their mistake I'm out MAJOR $'s


Mrs said...

you should not have to pay for this!!

LT said...

you telling me, but hey if they claim I didn't fill it in or bull, then hey what can I do right??

I will fight it though....

JAG is my friend! :-p

Mrs said...

you gotta fight LT! ALWAYS!