Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chuck - Season 4 : Ep. 1

Chuck is back in full swing and him and Sarah are living together..... Happy Happy Couple.

Is Chuck really going to be happy being 'retired,' he has gotten very into the spy world, technically for those who remember last season's ending, Chuck's father had asked him to complete his life's work, finding Chuck and Ellie's mom.

Doesn't seem like that is very retired now is it??

Turns out that Chuck's mom is the one and only Linda Hamilton, now how many of you can't see her without thinking of Vincent??? Come on admit it Beauty and the Beast will forever be what you remember Linda for.

Episode 1 brought us up to speed pretty quickly and answered some questions, threw a couple more in the pot, but answered some important ones.


Fringe - Season 3 : Ep. 1

Are my eyes deceiving me?? Is this really happening? Fringe is back!!

This episode was the most confusing of all, as soon as you think you know what's going on you then start to doubt yourself.

The entire episode follows Olivia.. her mental state and her being... What is going on?? I can't even discuss anymore, it would completely give away the whole story line.. but not really answer any questions............

Every time I explain it out loud I think I get it, but then more questions and theories arise.

Amped for next week.... Hurry up please!

The Good Guys - Season 1 : Ep. 10

"The only sense I need, my cop sense" - Dan

The episode starts with a suspension!! Dan, Dan, Dan..... really???

How great is a cop when he steals money from the police department and writes an IOU on a napkin. He has a shrine in his him to himself!! FANTASTIC!!!

"The money is gone, I'm a loan shark, I loaned it... Shark style!!"

The best part about this show are the lines it it, I can qoute them for days!

  1. If stolen money is stolen back... is that really stealing????

  1. Why do the bad guys have a whole lot of peaches in a plastic bowl???

Cop chases, prison breakout.....Can see this episode is going to be just like the others.. Hilariously funny!!!!

Community - Season 2 : Ep. 1

Community is back and Betty White, YES Betty white is gracing our screens!!! And they start off with Anthropology 101... ok Geek moment, This is MY SUBJECT, so I'm rather excited!

Britta is now on the SUPER COOL list.. where are they going this season???

"This is making me sick" - Betty White

This is not going to end well.... So much arguing, have a feeling someone is going to end up kissing.... or dying!!

Such a funny show

4 out of 5 Stars!!!!!! *snicker*