Monday, August 20, 2007

Not Making It a Habit

I really don't want to make a habit of posting about just DW, because I find Mommy posts so dreary, but this is just on my mind....

So DW has recently started putting on his own shoes, so now everyday he has to have shoes on, now this doesn't seem to bad till he steps on your toes!!

He has always been able to lock and unlock door, like his bedroom door for instance... he'll go in there and if he wants to be alone, he will lock it from the inside and then you knock (only to be polite of course) and he'll unlock it and let you in..
I guess it's cute

Now however, he unlocks the balcony door and runs up and down on the balcony during the day, which gets rather annoying when he's banging his cars against the side, or he throws something down to the first floor( I still believe it was truly and accident though).

Now don't forget the front door, luckily there are two locks and he'll only unlock the bottom one, but boy if you forget to lock both.... all you hear is running up and down in the main hallway...

These people must think I'm crazy

Ok so enough of DW for now....

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