Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mommy Dearest

So my parents aren't really electronics/technology people...

The other day I was having my usual chat with my mother on skype, (which finally came back on), anyway so we are chatting along and we start talking about my blog....

Sorry Mom, but I just can't resist

She says to me:

Mom: Hunnie, about your blog
Me: yes
Mom: There is part on it that says you can give 2c
Me: huh?
Mom: Well ... the 2c thing... I asked your dad how does that work that it takes 2c? will it convert it into US currency?

me completely confused at this point....


Me: Wait a minute..... you talking about under my blog it says Add your Two Cents?
Mom: Yes


So basically, my dear Mother mistook the post a comment (which I renamed "Add your two cents), link in meaning people can give me $0.02???

All I could do was laugh....

I just want to say thank you mom for making me laugh... I think about that and just have to shake my head and smile.


Gnome said...

Hehe LT's mom :-) That's really sweet. Shame, my mom's pretty bad with technology and all that too. I sometimes have her phoning me (I'm in Pietermaritzburg, she's in CT), wanting to find out how to send emails or preset the VCR to record something...

LT said...

Oh Gnome,

don't even get me started on recording something off of the TV, LOL

That's a post all of it's own hahahaha

At least I know I'm needed right haha