Sunday, August 26, 2007

DNA Controversy!!

I'm wondering now if I'm alone in thinking having everyone give DNA is a good thing. My head is spinning, because I have a huge issue with the collection of DNA in the U.S.

The U.K has the largest DNA base, and is being seen as becoming a "Big Brother Nation" , but is it really that bad.

Firstly, think how much crime would decrease, because matching your DNA will be much easier, and thus discourage criminal activity (Don't get me wrong I'm not saying, collect everyone's DNA and it will be a Utopian society, that ignorant I am not), laws are in place not to abuse the DNA systems for a reason. If you have nothing to hide (criminal activity) then this shouldn't even be a worry to you.

It is true that DNA samples are being taken without consent of the "donor", and this is truly an ethical issue and consent should be given, but to what extent?

If you commit a crime and you refuse to give a sample?

I guess then you've lost your right to refuse?
(Ok so I know laws are in place to get DNA samples etc I'm just making a point)

There is currently a law in California prohibiting genetic discrimination (passed in 1998 , not sure how many other states adopted this), so this will make way to deter any agency, company etc not giving you the benefits you deserve, due to information in your DNA.

As long as we keep up on laws helping us keep our liberties, I don't see a problem of going in and giving a sample of your DNA and have it be on a database, that could potentially help solve a crime.
(well of course if you are the one that committed it, you'll disagree)


awannabe said...

I listen to a political/bible prophecy program everyday... He is constantly talking about how current world events relate to Bible prophecy. He talks about the verichip implant possibly becoming the "mark of the beast."

He has never talked about a DNA database though

Thats scary too.

LT said...

My post was actually about me welcoming a DNA database.

I do not believe in this "mark of the beast" becoming a possibility. I think that's mainly put out by "radical" preaching churches, which I don't agree with.

A DNA database, will help stop a lot of crimes and solve a lot more cold cases. It's a helpful tool in cutting down crime, and punishing those who deserve it.

RockStories said...

As a former criminal defense attorney, I take issue more with your assessment of the usefulness and purpose of DNA databases than with the "big brother" aspects--though I think that you are overlooking some potentially serious ramifications.

As far as helping to solve crimes, DNA evidence is at issue in a very small number of crimes. To date, the primary usefulness of DNA evidence in the criminal justice system has been to exonerate people who were wrongly convicted and have, in many cases, spent years in jail.

Of course, part of the reason DNA isn't more use in solving crimes is the lack of available samples, but that is only a part of the reason and a relatively small part. The larger issue is simply that DNA evidence doesn't come into play in the vast majority of crimes.

LT said...

Exonerations are just as important as convictions, there are so many people that have been convicted of crime that they have not committed, but due to no alibi, bad lawyering etc etc they get a prison sentence.

As I was mentioning before, there is a lot of new ways that DNA is actually coming into play now in solving crimes etc.

They have even been able to use DNA off of some home-made-bombs.

The potential of DNA use has not even scratched the surface.