Friday, August 17, 2007

Skype Hype

So Skype has been down now for 2 days, or rather it was up this morning for about 5 min I believe.

It's rather frustrating, because I use it a lot to chat with family back in SA and I don't want to waste money and call. The worst part is that the companies always give you a lame excuse and tell you it will be back up soon. Now I understand that they have to say that, because they have a huge base of people using there software, but I mean come on!!! it's been two days and it seems some people can log on while others can't?? That doesn't make any sense to me, how can your algorithms be that messed up that only a small percentage of people can log in.

So come on Skype, use those people that are suppose to know what they are doing and fixed it already, I mean that is why you are paying them right!!!


me said...

We use skype for our office too and had a tough time when it was down.

And did you know they are saying it's because of some MS Windows patch that skype had the problem?? It seems they couldn't handle the number of people who re-started their machines because of the patch!!

LT said...


And I don't even use windows!!

You would think that Mac's would be able to get away from all those windows problems, but *sigh* I guess we all suffer either way right?