Saturday, August 25, 2007


Isn't it weird how no matter who you are you end up having some sort of weird routine....

I for instance:

Wake up and hear DW's door opening and I sigh and wish it was just a dream.
I get up and pick him up and take him back to his room repeating
It's night night time
in hopes he will go back to bed and fall asleep for about another 6 hours (ok ok 1 hour). naturally I am merely delaying the inevitable (me getting up) and completely wasting my time and energy on the off chance he goes back to sleep (it does happen though).

So I walk him back and run back to bed ( I always keep the AC on FREEZING, otherwise I can't sleep), and jump under the covers, now I'm laying there trying to just pass out for a few, which never happens, because once I'm woken up I'm up for an hour before finally dozing off....

So after trying this for about 3 or 4 times (yeah I'm hoping really bad at this time..), I give up and I get up and get dressed, I put up the gate in the hallway to my bedroom (otherwise he's in and out and I don't even want to think what he'll get in to!!), climb over the gate into the kitchen and walk over to the coffee pot, praying all the way that there is at least one cup left in the pot, (hey microwaved coffee is better than having to make more without even having one yet!!! INSANITY!), I grab the pot and swivel it (I have a thermos type pot, so you have to open it to see how much is left..), even though I think ok maybe there's enough, all the while knowing in my heart it isn't... I pour it into a cup... and if there is enough WHOOO HOOOO, otherwise I go rinse out the filter and fill the pot with water, get the beans, put them in the grinder and run back, stop the water and fill the machine while I grind the beans (yes multi talented!!). the grinding is usually done before the water is done pouring in the machine, so once that's done I close the pot and replace it to it's position and then proceed to shake out the now freshly ground coffee, as I switch on the machine...

Now with all this, if there was coffee I would have my coffee ready to go by the time this is done, so I will be enjoying my cup as I wait for fresh coffee, all the while hurrying, before the headaches start (maybe it's psychological, but who cares right?)

Now it's time for DW, who will either get a cup of milk or pediasure depending on the day and his breakfast will be on it's way as he slurps down his drink.
Bad mom??

I don't think so... I see it has saving him from my "got up early and haven't yet had coffee wrath!!" So alas, he waits till I'm done.

Now of course my computer is always on, so I will be checking emails and checking classes, and checking blogs I subscribe to and try to blog as much as I can on my own blog.... all at the same time.

All this and I have my little ticker, just waiting for DW's nap time, so I can either write my papers or take the nap he stole by getting up at the crack of DAWN!!!!

Not sure what I'll do now (he is down for a nap at the moment), I need to get one last picture for one of my classes, but I can't really leave him here alone and go downstairs to do it...
so I'll wait I guess....

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