Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Warehouse 13 - Season 2 : Ep. 8

I am psyched that Warehouse 13 is back, it's part of my Sci Fi Geek fest. And Yes I know it's been back for weeks now, but I have finally decided to do my reviews, so that is why I am only saying it NOW

Warehouse 13 have been giving us craziness with each agent for a while, and the little titbit we saw made it seem this one was going to be good.

So the old.. artifact affects agents without their knowledge plot...........

(Joanne Kelly) Myka and (Eddie McClintock)Pete did a great job imitating each other, but the best part is Arty actually getting affected.. for a guy who knows almost all artifacts known to man, he should've seen it coming. Claudia is the best add in for this show.. the Young, Genius, Sarcy factor she brings, brings it all together.

They are never going to find love though are they?

Crap I want Claudia's jacket though.... now where to find that?? PlayDead seems to be all out, not even a jacket that's close in stock... just shirts. :(

So many artifacts, so little time.

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