Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lie To Me - Season 2 : Ep. 21

Not a lot of microexpressionism this episode, but you do see Gillian and Cal kiss.. oh and what a kiss can say!! I do believe I saw a slight spark of realization in that kiss, but maybe it was only my wishful thinking!
Let's hope not.

The plot follows the sex industry, an 18 year old has gone missing and surprise, surprise the father knows Emily.. an ex-teacher of sorts.
We see Emily joining Cal on this assignment, bad timing if you ask me, but then again it did have its benefits.

It was a rather awkward episode, with multiple stories developing... look out for new behaviour between Eli and Ria... not sure how they will play this one out.

This episode is a difficult one, saying too much gives away too much.........

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