Wednesday, September 01, 2010

White Collar

My baby blues were back on today, what would I do without my HULU?

So now we finally see the fighting spirit of Peter, standing up for one of his own.. and he's finally trusting Nick and Moz, how great was that? I'm hoping this will lead to Peter fighting for a more lax attitude with the whole Nick probation saga

It does seem Hollywood LOVES the female car thief, a beautiful woman can usually get away with murder, so nice play and yes she was smoking hot. She still has nothing on Nick though!!

I am, however, getting so tired of this stupid anklet business, they don't seem to be staying on track.. last I remember they made the deal he would get to lose the anklet if he did x y and z, which he did, but then he was back on it again. It is losing it's interesting factor.

Our newest mommy on the set, Tiffani Thiessen (she seems to have left the Amber behind a while ago), is losing the baby weight slowly but surely. GLOWING MAMMA. her and Peter's relationship seems to have the directors trying to scramble and find a slot to push it into. It's not flowing with the story as smoothly as it did. I guess it was due to the maternity leave... let's hope it gets better soon.

Oh and how could I forget... anyone notice the director is..... no other than.... Henry Deacon from Eureka!! Love little cross-overs like this..

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