Friday, September 03, 2010

Royal Pains - Season 2 : Ep. 12

The Hamptons.. who doesn't love to see a rich people needing a doctor, besides the doctor lives in a guest house of the richest guy in the Hamptons!

Boris is still being very secretive, flying off once again to a "meeting" and Hank's dad.. well something is up with him.. I have a feeling he's trying to get Boris's girlfriend broke out of Cuban prison.

But then again it's just my 'calling it' gene.

I still don't understand the Hank and Emily connection, I really can not stand her (even though I was a Trauma fan), I still think him and Jill should make another go of it.

Hopefully we find out a bit more about Divya... this new guy she fancies might just be the thing to keep her in the Hamptons. I don't think it will be the same if she left.

Poor Evan needs to make sure he doesn't lose Libby... yes she's ditsy, but she means well. Best he's going to get!

Another complicated episode.. are they faking the symptoms because they are in love with the 'doc clan' or is it real.......................????

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