Thursday, September 02, 2010

Psych - Season 5: Ep. 7

Always the best part of my week.. watching 'memory' clips from 1990 and then our favourite guys take on a case.

My issue with this episode... they changed Little Gus and Little Shawn!! WTF? I seriously hate that!

Ooooo lookie there, another show cross-over!! TRUE BLOOD!!

Lafayette's boyfriend Jesus is one of the felons!!

Can someone also please tell me why they mess with he theme song every time!! Keep
the original one... how am I suppose to jam along if they keep changing the beat/tempo. *eye roll*

This episode is a boat one.. Gus and Shawn on the open sea... really? Love the three Nausea patches on Gus's neck. That and his weird circle of friends.. *tsk* *tsk* Gus no!!

They are searching for the missing convicts on the ship.. are you joking.. how big do they think this place is.........????

Still waiting for the "lookie lookie" Shawn does.. and no "super sniffer" yet either......

Jesus is the main felon guy..ooooooooo....... True Blood has made him a STAR........

Surprised Lassiter didn't just say KEEP HIM

FINALLY the "Lookie lookie".. I'm happy now.

Great - 'plot plays out in one area' first half of - episode!


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