Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rizzoli and Isles - Season 1 : Ep. 9

Love these two ladies, the genius medical examiner and the sexy homicide detective.

It was nice to have an episode that revolved around Isles, the more you learn about her the more fascinating she becomes.

It was a rather sad episode... tugged at those heart strings...

Rizzoli and her brother bond with her Dad, nice to see them 'alone,' the Mom can get rather annoying. The family moment was centred around a bar scene - nice touch.. (I thought so anyway)

This episode also veered away from Rizzoli a bit, she has been the centre of attention the last few episodes, reliving her encounter with the serial killer she had been trying to catch and caught by... tortured by...

Heavy stuff

This is just a great 'fresh' show.

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