Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes you are scum

So I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but We had gotten our household goods on October 14th, we had gone through everything and of course stuff was stolen.

Goodbye Wii, goodbye Wii Fit, goodbye accessories, goodbye XBox.

What we did receive is the Wii manual, the Wii remote charge station, the empty game boxes and the empty box where the accessories where in, oh and the sensor bar.
So we ultimately lost a lot of money, we had a bag for both the Wii and the Wii fit, with extra controllers and 5 games.

With the XBox we now have one controller and 3 games.

It just makes you hate people in general.

A bunch of my faeries were broken, glass bowls, a dresser drawer... and on goes the list.

Did I mention a huge box filled with about 500 DVD's which took me 5 years to collect... yeah all gone.

Best part of all, they failed to (on purpose I suppose), write those things on the inventory list, they where just categorized as toys and DVD's...


We have gone and replaced the Wii, but of course everything is back ordered and we didn't get everything that we had to begin with. *sigh*

That'll take more money and more time.

I just hope the Wii Fit gets here as soon as the console does, I LOVE the Wii Fit, so sad it's gone...

Oh well I will have to start my account again.

I just hate when things like this happen, if you have a job you should do it properly and not just to get it over and done with!!!

But we do now have a Playstation 3, so we've been able to watch Blu rays, so that's a plus.

I've also been doing a lot of sitting and watching J play Half Life 2, which I rather enjoy actually, but this can take up your whole day, the next thing you know it's midnight... eek!!!

Well I'm off to go do some grocery shopping, hopefully I'll be able to have some better news soon.

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Little Miss Muffet said...

What a loss and I thought this just happens in South Africa. Shows you can't trust anybody and you have to check every thing thoroughly beforehand they know that somewhere someone is going to slip up and that's when they win!!! Oh well these types you get all over but their day will come!!!!!