Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it really 3 AM?

Here we are, still trying to get settled in our new home, the empty boxes are still piled in our driveway just awaiting a pickup, (Which was supposed to be yesterday!), more boxes await unpacking…… so much to do and so little time.
We did however get the music room, somewhat, set up. We have the piano out, the drums set up, we got a nice shelf system in there, which we have in the TV room as well, and it really is coming along.

We do still need to hang up all the guitars; it won’t be a real music room, without displaying the guitars!!

All the little things are just creeping up at the moment and these just combine enough to make you just hate this whole situation, and as soon as things start to look up….. it hits the fan!

At 3 AM, yes you read correctly 3 AM!!! I get woken up by J, he wanted us to go to the ER, he seemed to be having really bad chest pain and the flows of pain were so consistent and continuous for over 35 min we just had to go.

I got DW up and dressed after grabbing a sweatshirt and some thick socks (it’s starting to get rather chilly here), and off we went to the ER.

We arrived at the ER and thankfully it wasn’t busy, the community here is so small, it doesn’t seem to get extremely busy around here, J was taken right in while DW and I sat and watched some TV in the waiting room, the poor little guy was so tired.
We waited about 30 – 35 min before we went back and saw J, the Dr. had just left, she had deduced that he was suffering from rather bad heart burn and acid reflux, so she prescribed some heartburn medication he needs to take before eating foods that give him heartburn.

The problem is, we have no freaking clue what it is!!

We went home and finally got back to sleep around 4 AM, poor J had to be up at 07:00 to get ready for work, the day seemed to move along without a relapse, but once J dropped me off to get some schoolwork done, (because we still don’t have internet, yeah I know, don’t get me started!!!), I had about an hour of work done when I got the message that he was having a relapse, I told him to come get me so he can try get some sleep, because being alone with DW won’t help matters.

J really thought he was having a heart attack, it really was pretty bad to see him like that, he really isn't one to jump at the chance to go to the ER.

This is just another one of those little things that are just piling up lately, we just hate this whole situation.

Spain is great, I just wish life on the base would improve!

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