Monday, November 17, 2008

An apple, says what?

I'm not one to worry about much, I really don't get too excited or nervous about much, but when I have to go do something or have something done, I like to know the details and be prepared for the happenings of that appointment or day.

With this being said I want you to keep this in mind throughout this read.

Last week I had an appointment at the dentist, I went in expecting to have fillings redone, so I'm all set and ready in the waiting room.

I get called to the back, after it took them 20 min to find my record .....but that's a whole other story... and I meat my dentist (aka hunk).

He checks my teeth and says that I merely require a sealant, my teeth aren't that bad etc... so after a lengthy check up I set off to make my appointment.

When I arrive for this appointment I get shown to the chair and I take a seat.....
now follow quickly, because this all happened in less than 2 minutes (no exaggeration)

The dentist (who will remain nameless throughout), checks my teeth, while he is in there he stick a ear bud in my mouth (he says to numb the are), while I am thinking about why I need to be numb for a sealant, he suddenly sticks a needle in my gum...

Ok now I'm sitting there heart raising, this was not what I had prepared for, I was there for a sealant, what is going on??

After the first shot, I turn to him and say.. "Why do I need to be numb for a sealant?", he casually brushes it off and says that no, they are cavities he has to drill and sticks the next needle in...


About now I am about to have a panic attack, I can feel my whole body is shaking, I hadn't prepared for this, he hadn't even explained that it was going to be a sealant, he would have t drill, nothing just slammed right into it.

This really bothered me a lot, and as I sit here typing this I know I have to leave soon to go back to him for the other side.
Don't get me wrong, he is great at what he does, I never felt a thing, he is a GREAT dentist, but I think he lacks people skills, Dentists and Doctors should never just want to get a 'body' in and get a 'body' out, you chose this job so deal with each patient as long as it takes.

This whole situation really bugs me.

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