Thursday, November 27, 2008

$$'s going down

This is going to be a short post today, hoping to get some stuff done around here today.

I just wanted to say that we finally got our car, I couldn't believe it, it's taken long enough!!!

We were so happy to go give back the stupid rental car, it's so damn expensive.

When we went to go turn it in though, it ended up costing about $150 more than it costs for a whole month!! I was so furious that I wasn't even going close to this counter, I was already so tired of their bull.

So we ended up just paying for the whole month, who is stupid enough not to right... I am so livid, the military really needs to look into the policies in place for rental cars on base!

At least we are now past that point, it's so great to have our car back, it's so comfortable and now you don't hear the road when you are driving and we can play our music through our iTouch much more easily!!!

YAY for us!

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