Sunday, November 23, 2008

Check, Double Check and Mail away!!

I awoke today with sound of the phone ringing, J answered and I couldn't hear the conversation, because he was at the other end of the house.

He came to fill me in once he was done..... Our treadmill had arrived, I was so excited, we had ordered it from Italy, the trucks only come at certain times and we were lucky enough to get our order early.

We ruched down to the NEX to go pick it up, once we saw the box we realised it wouldn't fir in the car, so we'd have to go and wait by someones pick up and beg (AKA Pay), someone to help us get it home.

The lady wheeled it out and I (as OCD as I am), asked J to check and make sure that the voltage was 110 (which is why we had to get it from Italy, they only have 220 on base, which makes no sense whatsoever).

Well J check and sure enough it was a 220!!! *sigh*

So now she had to order it again and we'd have to wait until the trucks come round again..... I was so upset, I was so looking forward to having the treadmill here.

Maybe it's a sign, maybe I should skip on the treadmill, I just really don't want to, I have wanted a treadmill for over a year!!!

Why can't things just work out, seems everything is working against us lately, I guess as long as we keep at it things will somehow just magically start working...

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