Monday, September 29, 2008

Packing, Packing and more packing.

I'm finally getting back and writing on here, but I am not too sure if I'll be able to blog a lot in the upcoming weeks and maybe month.

We leave for Spain on Wednesday and I'm so excited, I just want it over with already, I am so tired of moving and packing, just everything.

It does look like we'll be stuck in temporary housing for a couple of weeks :(
They are revamping some housing, it seems like, so we'll just wait it out, because I really don't want a townhouse, there's nothing worse than having to park in a stupid parking lot and being attached to other peoples houses.

I want a house, with a carport and the fenced in backyard, it will be so much better for DW that way. I'm tired of not having anywhere for him to just play and have fun.

I just hope this isn't going to be a couple of nightmarish weeks. I should have internet around where we will be, even though it's not constant it's better than nothing.

I just have to make sure to be on and ready to go when the new semester starts, let's hope by some miracle we get our house pretty fast and everything will be set up and ready to go before the next semester starts.

I wouldn't hold my breath, but it's good to hope right?

It's going to be so wonderful leaving Florida and going to a place with no humidity, I just hate the weather here... It can only get better now.

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