Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Good-Bye, it's See you later

We had friends come to visit over the weekend, they had to drive 16 hours to get here.

They arrived on Friday afternoon and left yesterday evening, it was a short visit for that 16 hour drive, they are now still en route back home, another 16 hours.

It was so amazing seeing them, I'm sad to think that in two weeks we will be en route to Spain and we'll only be back in 4 years.

It's sad when you leave great people, it gets worse when you know that when you say you'll keep in touch, it doesn't always work that way, you really have to work hard to keep it going.

I just hope they take our invite and come visit in Spain, I really don't want to have them slip away.

You meet certain people in your life and they stay with you forever, you can speak to them once a year, but that friendship is still like it was when you were together all the time.

I have had a few of those friends and I really believe that we will always be friends, I think of them everyday, I wonder what they are doing and miss being with them, but one day soon we will reunite and it will all be back to "normal".

All I really want to say is THANK YOU.. Just THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!!

We can never replace you!!

You better not replace us!!!!!!! *smirk*

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