Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That day!

Yesterday was just another day that I wake up feeling tired, it seems like it's a never ending battle to get my "umpf" back.

Around 13:00 the condo next door seemed to have had a scheduled "gutting" for the day.
which would have been okay if they had only notified the neighbors of this fact

Being a long term tenant in a predominantly Resort area, can be rather annoying.

Well once J got home (which was 2 hours after the construction had begun), we decided that we should leave for a while, my head was starting to throb, I couldn't hear the TV and I definitely had no chance of concentrating on any of my assignments, so it was for the best.

We then had to decide what we were going to go eat, because we had, had Mexican so many times in the last couple of months, that I was just not feeling it anymore.
We settled on Ruby Tuesday's, (which we had to drive into Alabama to enjoy), it's not the first place I would choose, but I was tired of driving around and at least we knew what was on the menu.

This particular Ruby Tuesday actually has a little alligator that lives in the pond (it's a pretty big pond, so we went around the building in hopes of seeing it, but all we saw were a whole bunch of turtles. These turtles followed us as we walked along the outside seating area, they were also the weirdest looking turtles I had seen, they had these weird straw like "noses", it was just all round weird.
All these turtles and still no gator, oh well.... We just went inside and ordered our food.

Of course we then had the weirdest waiter too, this guy just made you feel like he was doing you a favor by serving you..
We ordered our entree's but we weren't in the mood for any appetizers, because their spinach and artichoke dip isn't all it's cracked up to be, so he offered me a salad with my entree, but I declined, because their slad always looks like it has been sitting out a while. He just gave me a weird look.
come on dude I weigh 100lbs, I don't think I NEED a damn salad!!

Anyway, we finished our dinner and gave him a "well I feel obligated to" tip and left.

As J was getting DW in the car I noticed a wasp pulling along a bright green grasshopper (4 times his size), along the parking spot, it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.
I know ants can carry huge loads, I had just never seen a wasp trucking along the ground carrying "cargo"

I wish I had taken a photo

Luckily once we got home we passed the construction guys on the way onto the elevator, they were done and we'd have peace and quite at last.


the fat girl said...

i'm so jealous...i want to try ruby tuesday so badly, but the closest one is about six hours from where i live...

LT said...

They have revamped the place, which is actually nice.

They have a great new signature sangria, it's really good.

I'm not big on any of the seafood or ribs, so what's left isn't too much.

I suggest make a day trip sometime and have Ruby Tuesday's on the list.

I think Ruby Tuesday's, Chili's and Applebee's are all about the same though.

(My husband says I should add TGIF into that list, but I love Friday's, I do prefer them before the "makeover", but I just think Friday's is the 'cool older brother' that the other three want to play with)

Little Miss Muffet said...

Ahh how I miss USA would love to have visited it u know I love to eat out ha ha!
Pity u did not take a photo of the wasp! Remember in Namibia how we used to watch scorpions catch moths after the rain in the evenings?