Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Pet Peeve!

So I've been stumbling blogs most of the day, I know I should be doing work, but hey what can I say, I'm addicted!

Anyway, the more I go through all these blogs the more I realize how inconsiderate people can be...

What am I talking about???

The music on the blogs!!!

Please oh please, if you have a blog, please don't inflict your taste of music upon the world, we don't want to come onto your blog and then scramble to either turn off the sound or find your 'stop' or 'pause' button so as to not have to hear random screaming or drumming of your favorite tune.

It's so annoying, if you have music playing on your blog, you might as well know that I have skipped your blog and moved on, so you've lost a potential reader!!

If you must insist on music, why not give the reader the option to press play and listen, rather than have to search for the "off" switch...


Enough rambling, I'm off to stumble more, or actually try do some work... I'm so lazy!!


Jennifer said...

Amen to that. I think the only person who wants to hear the song is the person who has it playing on their blog.

cube said...

I share this peeve. It's very annoying, like a musical punch in the face when it's loud.

LT said...

"A Musical Punch To The Face"

I like that.