Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Peel Deal

It's funny the things kids do that just make your sides split.

DW was just eating a banana, this was his second one and he was quite pleased with himself, because he had gotten it and peeled it himself, before I could say anything, which is fine.

Anyway, so we're in the living room and he's watching Tom and Jerry, he's completely engrossed as usual (he loves Tom and Jerry), he sat and watched while finishing off his banana, but now he's not paying any attention whatsoever as to how he's eating it, or how far he had eaten it.
So of course he takes a big bite and I just hear "ugh ... yucky" he's waving his hand in from of his mouth and looking at the banana in disgust...

I look over and he had bitten off a piece of the banana peel and eaten it


This definitely made my day, how funny!!

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Little Miss Muffet said...

Talk of aghh I know of someone that put a whole brandy ball in their mouth!