Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last Minute

So it's not exactly last minute, but I've once again left the assignments two days till due date, which is not a major issue, because they are pretty easy to get done, but it's the principle of it really.

I've already finished one, so I'm being sort of hard on myself, but I could be doing the other one now, but I really couldn't be bothered, I keep looking outside watching everyone enjoying the wonderful weather. the sun is out, the wind is almost non-existent and DW keeps asking to go swim.....

We'll just wait till J gets home

My mind just keeps wandering from the TV, to what we will eat tonight, to my assignments...

I wonder if I should put DW down for a nap and then try to do some more of my assignment??

Too many questions for today, I'm just hoping to get everything done and maybe go across the street and hang out on the beach this weekend.

But I digress

I think I just try to think too far ahead in the assignments, I'm too worried about getting everything else done before they are due, rather than focusing on what is due....

Let me get to it, I'll probably write more later.

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