Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach Day

So today was officially 'Beach Day', I'm hoping to try convince J to go back tomorrow.

Why would you not go everyday, all we have to do is walk across the road and we are at the beach.

The weather was great, we went really early too, I think it was around 09:00 and it was already a balmy 90F. Sounds like a lot, but it was actually quite pleasant, it wasn't very humid either, which is amazing for this area.

DW had so much fun, I even tried teaching him how to body surf, it's kinda hard with a 2 year old, but he got the hang of it after I would hold his arms out and go with him. This ultimately resulted in me getting knee cuts on the shells and sand, but it wasn't too bad.

Did I mention I even caught a jelly fish? Yeah they are all over, luckily they where sparse today, but one came up right where we were swimming so I caught it and got it out of the water..

no peeing on my leg!!!

Anywhoo, it was a fantastic day, we got out after a couple of hours and walked back to our condo, we stopped and had a swim downstairs and then came back to wash out all the salt in our hair.

We had a grand lunch... burgers and fries, grilled on our itty bitty grill.. hey it works.

After a large glass of sangria we settled down and watched a couple of episodes of TopGear (which I adore!!).

The sun is now down, the storm seems to have passed and it's time for DW to go to bed.

Let's see what tomorrow holds.

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