Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Monday

Here comes another Monday, it's a start of a new Unit and more work to come, luckily I have finished a lot of work this morning, so hopefully I'll be done with all my work much earlier than the last unit...

We'll see I guess

Yesterday was actually an eventful day, I didn't have much time to write at all, we started the day driving an hour to go return a GPS unit that we had bought the week earlier, it's the only Toys R Us around so there was no choice...

We returned the GPS and DW decided that he is hungry, he starts getting really excited, because Olive Garden was on our right, poor little guy, s we decide to go get something to eat, but first we stop off at Starbucks... REALLY IMPORTANT!!! *smirk*
We decide to go eat at Hooters, because we want to sit outside and not have an expensive bill at the end. So we drove over to Orange Beach, AL and got our table.

The weather was great, so the sitting outside was great, you would think there would be flies or anything of that nature, but would you believe I never saw one?

We did see something weird though, there where little plastic bag with water and one penny in them, they were hung up above every table (from the ceiling), we thought it was a little weird, so J asked our waitress what it was all about. Weird thing is she said it was to keep the flies away........

Weird huh??

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