Thursday, January 10, 2008

Video Memories

So finally, I got off my lazy ass and starting recording all our old videos onto DVD (We started off with a mini-dv Camcorder...)
It's amazing the stupid stuff you will start filming when you get your camera, it seems pretty pointless and stupid at the time, but then when you watch it again 3 years down the line, it's rather funny and entertaining. It's great to see the stupid little things you did and the laughs you had.

It just breaks my heart though watching all these 'home movies' and knowing J is gone, it makes me miss him even more. I just can't wait fr him to get home, this is dragging on so much and communications has died down a lot here recently... I think that just makes it 10x worse.
And DON'T say "He's almost home" HE IS NOT!!!! Still close to half the damn year left people!!!

The reason I am actually copying everything over, is because I am finally sending it to J so he can tape some stupid stuff on his side, maybe some nice sites etc. Too bad he hadn't had it when he left, but of course we looked and looked for the charger for the battery, and of course we wouldn't find it ANYWHERE. Anyway so I cleaned the closet the other day
I can't believe I didn't post about that!!
I actually cleaned out 2/3 of my walk in closet, I washed, dried and packed away all the clothes we had in tubs on the floor of the closet (which took forever) and I put away all the cords and cables etc into our 'cable box'. Now where does the 2/3 come in? Well I still have stuff in there I just need to stack it nicely.. so it's almost there!!

Anywhoo... back to my point.. Well I obviously then found the charger stacked quite nicely between tho boxes (obviously so I wouldn't lose it...*roll eyes*) and then I could finally charge the camcorder so as to start this long mission of copying everything over.

I just hope I don't forget to send some blank DVD's to him too, with my luck I completely forget <---- No short term memory!!

I promised to send him his shows and the camcorder on Monday and the lazyass that I am, I am (hopefully) mailing it tomorrow morning. It's just been such a hassle with the writers strike and no shows being on really, now they are coming back and I didn't want to just send 10 DVD's.

Ok well enough babbling, I better finish up so it actually does go out tomorrow morning...

I better not forget the damn INSURANCE again... (luckily nothing has been lost yet *touch wood*)

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