Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

So yesterday was officially the weirdest day of my life.

I decided to clean DW's ball pit, so I moved it into the bathroom, filled the bath with water and some cleaner, so DW and I then proceeded to throw all the balls in there, one by one (wastes time...)

Anyway, so while I am busy doing this and trying to deflate the ball pit so I can put that in there too
(everything was just very sticky, thanks to him playing in there while drinking juice)

So Now I'm trying to deflate this big ball pit and DW decides to go watch TV in the living room. Now if you have children you know that having them in another room sometimes screams disaster, so I called him into the bathroom with me.

He brought his drink and sat on the chair I put next to the bathtub (it's easier for me when he's taking a bath), anyway so I still carry on deflating the pit and all of a sudden he is on the floor crying, now usually he just falls off stuff and I just hate whining over something stupid like that, so I look over and start to say "That's why you need to sit still", but I got to about "That's why...", before I saw his ear was bleeding.
At this point I figure his earring ripped a little... 'a little' because it was still in, but on close inspection..........

There was a piece missing off of his lobe

So this point I am picking him up with blood dripping off his ear, running over to DR. L and E so he can look at DW and tell me if I need to go to the hospital. I get over there hand him over and explain what happened.

Basically DW had fallen off the chair into the toilet, he somehow got his ear stuck in the toilet seat on the way down, grabbed the toilet seat to secure himself and ripped a piece of his ear lobe off on the way down to the floor.

I went back to my place and looked in between the seat and sure enough, there was a small piece of fat and skin, between the seat and the bowl. Nice huh?

So basically I opted out of going to the ER basically because the stitches would make his ear kink in and that will make it more obvious, so I'm just letting it scab and grow over, hoping that it's going to be unnoticeable once it heals.

Of course through this whole debacle, he cried on the floor and then was fine, we cleaned it, put some ointment on it and then he carried on like nothing happened. He will point it out every now and then and just say "boo boo" but that's about the extent of his complaining.


J needs to come HOME!!!!

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