Tuesday, January 15, 2008

100 ...What A Blog!!

So this is my 100th blog, I really do wish this would've been the blog where I say
Whoo hoo J is home
But alas we still are a ways off from his arrival.
This is however perfect timing, because I do has some great news on this glorious occasion.
I finally received my receipt from immigration and I also have a fingerprint appointment in about a week, so that's all starting to flow now.

The best news though, is that we finally got our orders and we are blowing the hell hole of Virginia, we are moving to...
I finally got tired of waiting and called the detailer, I explained our horrendous situation and luckily J was far enough away that the timezone allowed him to take time out and talk to him. We have our orders, we have our DOA... I'm just glad we finally have a plan of action. I really hate not knowing what's going to happen, I want to know where I am, what is coming and be able to plan accordingly.
So that's what I plan to do, take each day and try to get ready, I know it's still some time before we leave, but hey I just want to be able to say.. "ok, let's go" and that be that.

On the other hand though, I am still alone with DW, having to deal with his bull everyday. I just wish I could get more than 3 hours of sleep (consecutive hours!!) at night. DW is really starting to be a pain.

I do however have out new Wii arriving tomorrow, which I am REALLY psyched about. I really hope this will allow him to release some extra energy, so I can get some extra things done around here, or just be able to sit and not here him whining or just going crazy. He's actually pretty good at the Tennis game on there, I was really surprised and he actually gave DR L's Mario Brothers game a run for its money...

All in all it's been a split day (emotionally), DW's ear is getting better by the day, the tip is now black from the scab and seeming to, almost, even it out.
Oh well we'll just see what happens.

Now though I think I'll start getting ready for bed, I wonder how long I'll be able to sleep tonight!!!

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