Thursday, December 06, 2007

One Phone Call

It's weird how one phone call, can just unnerve you so much.

A phone call I had from J was just enough to make me not sleep a wink, and I've just felt off all day.

He just sounded so depressed on the phone, they haven't been able to get off the ship for over a month now and I think it's wearing on him horribly.
It's just sad how some people only see two deployments 10 years in and we are on our 3rd in 4 years. I have never heard him this depressed, and there's nothing I can do to make it even an ounce better for him.
I tried going to bed at 20:00 after I had put DW down and I knew he was asleep. I rolled around for about an hour or so and I finally gave in and got up. I watched some TV, but nothing was on, luckily some shows had been recorded on my DVR, so I watched those.

I realized I hadn't eaten all day, so (this was about 22:30), I made myself some soup I found and watched more TV. At about 01:00 I knew I had to go to bed otherwise I was going to be suffering the whole day.
Of course this is a couple hours before DW decides he will wake up really early and I went and put him back to bed, my head was killing me, my neck was stiff, my legs hurt (still do), I just knew this was going to be a long day.

I have a paper to write for class and I just can't concentrate enough to do anything, I've gotten about a quarter into it though, so at least that is something. I just really need to get this done ASAP.

I haven't heard from J today and I think that's just adding to everything. I just hope I hear something soon.

This is becoming too much!!


Florence said...

ooooh my dear....I am holding thumbs for you for time to speed up! Im gonna be there soon, I think we get to talk for free over the phone right?

LT said...

Yes we do, one monthly fee and all the talking you want.