Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random, Cold, Videos

So my new camcorder is just fabulous, I'm so glad I got it, I'm actually upset I didn't buy two, I know it would've worked out great if J had one on the ship. He could've made loads of videos and burned them onto DVD for me.

Oh well, hopefully I can find that elusive charger to our old one... I really need to go check our closet and the boxes I still haven't unpacked... (it's only been a YEAR!!!)

I've been transferring all my videos onto my MAC, which has worked out great, I still need to make a disc for J and send it to him, DW has really started doing so much more since he's been gone. I've just been so preoccupied with other stuff lately I haven't gotten around to it.

I have however already lost a bunch of videos I took, because somehow they just didn't copy over before they were deleted off the SD card, I tried to recover them and it seemed to have gone well, but none of them will play, so I guess they were all corrupted upon recovery... Oh well no biggie I guess, I'll just make sure it doesn't happen again.

I still haven't wrapped any of the presents I bought for DW, I should really do that tonight, but I've got shows to watch tonight and I want to try finish my paper tonight as well....

Maybe I should start making a list of things to get done during the day and tick them off as I go, maybe then I'll see how much I actually get done during the day, it always seems I'm on a never ending battle. WOW that reminds me I still have laundry to fold...
See what I mean?!!!!!??!!!

It's finally starting to get cold around here, even though it really doesn't effect me, because I'm not outside much anyway. When I take out Hattie, I just let her go out and I stay inside, she'll come to the door when she is done, so hey no cold for me!!!!

Well I'm starving and I think DW will also have something to eat, so I'm off to go make dinner...............

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