Friday, December 14, 2007

The long wait continues...

So you know when you get to a cornerstone and you think, okay everything seems to be flowing and certain things can go on the back burner for now and then BAM you need to throw everything on at once... and then wait and wait and wait and wait for an unknown amount of time

So we are still waiting for J to get his Clearance for Presidential duty, and would you guess it... not being an American Citizen is going to be a problem (won't get him denied, just making everything a HUGE schlep)
Who would've thought.....right??


So there we break the bank again (or soon to be breaking) to get my citizenship rolling again... was really hoping to wait till after the tax money, but oh well... what can you do

I just hope this goes smoothly so we can get off the damn ship and he can have a normal job!!!
It's just such bad timing.....
We'd have to extend on the ship, but then again it'll be better than putting paperwork in to get out of presidential duty and picking something else, only to be called up for IA afterwards and him being gone AGAIN!!!!

Even if we take overseas orders it's going to be a hassle, because he won't be able to do pre-med, they are finicky about 'foreign studies' here in the medical field.

So we have many years of work ahead of us, but it'll be worth it in the end. At least he won't be gone between 6 - 7 months of the year!!!
Man I need a drink!!!

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