Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh What A Day....

So right now I'm sitting in bed, gearing up to watch a movie on my laptop, potato chips (salt & vinegar of course) on hand..... and I start thinking that it has been a long time since I was 'relaxed' and in bed at (almost) 21:00.

DW and I are both sick, thanks to *parties unmentioned*, I am just lucky I have the "I don't mope, moan and complain" kid, because those are horrible... especially if you are also sick.

I do feel terrible, I have been eating throat lozenges like candy, so now I've just opted to "burn my throat better" with the 'ol 'salt & vinegar chips remedy'
Ok I totally invented that, but it works!!

Anyway, today I really was surprised how good DW was, I begged him (me begging a 2 yr old) to go down easy for his nap, because mommy also needed one....
Would you believe it worked??

So I had a good nap, as good as it can get when you have to go pee every hour....
Sooooooooooooo............... after his bath, I went and read him a story... Heidi..
yes Heidi.. anyone else remember that?
So there I was with the folder my mom had made me so long ago, it has newspaper clipping from stories (ok this is from 1978 people)and I sat there reading this story to DW (~it's in Afrikaans nogal!!)...
Ok now to the point....
Remember when you were in class and the teacher was just going on and on about something that was just the most boring thing in the world, you would almost be hitting your head on the desk because it was so much more fun??? Well, welcome to my sons evening HAHAHA
The poor kid sat their listening to this long spiel about Heidi moving to be with Klara, because it's now time for her to start school... the mean 'Juffrou' at the other end, Heidi hiding bread rolls in her pocket... and on and on. I only read the first part, and I could see him, through the corner of my eye, looking over my shoulder and start playing with his eyes, first looking up without moving his head, then down without moving his head... he would move his head up and then down, he would lie down and then sit up... he even started pulling his hair.... All the while I am reading and trying really hard not to burst out laughing, because this poor little boy was trying to be so polite and letting his mom read this story with such profound Afrikaans, there was no way he was even getting 2/3 of the story.
The more he was going stir crazy listening to me read this loooong story that never seemed to end,the funnier I found it.
Wow bad mom right? It was hilarious though!!!

Shame, when I finally finished, he looked so relieved... I decided to lie in bed with him for a little while, just to be nice,he seemed ok with it for about 5min and then threw me out.... I guess the poor kid was just so over me at that point. HAHAH

Oh well.. what a day...

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