Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is The Paperwork Over??

So finally my citizenship paperwork was sent on Monday and was received on Tuesday, by the Vermont Service Center.
I made sure I moved the money that's been saved up for the form fees into the correct account,
none has yet been taken out yet
I'm sure it will be soon, because they always pounce on every check (cheque to those of you who know how to spell haha) and cash it ASAP.
When it comes to sending you information though, ooo that can drag on.
I just hope I receive that receipt soon, so I can obsessively check the status every second of everyday (yes I have a problem).

Now they can't tell you how long it will take, but they give you a ballpark figure that is just CRAZY, so I'll just sit and hope it will just be a great birthday present for me.
Please please please let this be then end!!!

I know I still have to do fingerprints and take the civics test, then on to taking the oath.. and whalah, but at least filling in forms and the butt load of $$$$ we have been spending on this will come to an end.

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