Friday, December 28, 2007

Almost At A Close

So here we are the weekend before the year comes to an end.
As I look back on this year, it really has been one with major trials and tribulations.
I have even more of a distaste for the Navy, I hate the fact that we've been thrust into situations that most people don't deal with in 14 years of their career, I really just can't wait for things to become 'normal' and then we can have regular routines in place, even though it's looking as it will only happen after this year, seeing as most of this year J is still on deployment. *sigh*

My citizenship is in, and now it seems they are only on applications dated April 06 2007, so I can already tell that this is going to be another looooong wait!

There's so much more that is in play for the New Year and I know it's going to be another long year, I just really hope that it's going to be much better than I expect it will be.

So here's to the year coming to an end and a New Year around the corner, that holds so many answers, to which we have been 'hurrying up and waiting' for!!

I hope everyone else's holidays have been great.

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