Thursday, November 01, 2007

What a great start

Is there anything better than starting a new semester and you are really trying to stay on top of all your work; really trying your best.

You log into your class and what awaits you on the MAIN PUBLIC board??

A peer review.... (he chose someone as an example)

So you click on the link and what do you see???

Peer Review: Homework Submission Instructor @#$@#$ 31 Oct 07

Please view the following paper as one which exhibits superb quality in structure, content and grammar. The below student has clearly identified the assignment parameters with concise thoughtful answers.

Thank you for your effort and clear commitment to this assignment. Keep up the excellent work.

@#@#@ LT'S $#^#$^


Homework, Unit 1

Due Date: 27 October 2007

Your paper!!! For everyone to read!!!


It's a good day


Gnome said...

WOOOW LT!!! That's really wonderful!! It's great when your work is appreciated! All the long hours have paid off. I'm proud of you :)

LT said...

Thanks Gnome,
Yeah I really love this class, it's really interesting.

That's where my previous post is from, it was one of the discussions I made in the class.

It really was a great compliment, because this instructor is one of those "by-the-book" guys.

Mrs said...

THAT"S FRIGGING AWESSSSSSSSSSSOMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you, that's really great!

LT said...