Sunday, October 28, 2007

CSI Effect!!!

The “CSI” effect as mentioned is really a big issue to me. I basically refuse to watch any of the CSI shows.

It is definitely a concern for law enforcement and the courts, because people believe everything they see on TV.

All it gives you is unrealistic situations, with unrealistic timelines for forensic gathering and results. Then people watch this and they are just amazed at how forensics solves everything, and then all of a sudden they are “experts” when it comes to evidence and how trials should go etc.

People are being conditioned to believe that forensics is everything, where it’s not the case. Forensics should never be the focus; it should be an extra tool for investigators, for they should still continue investigating the crime, working out clues and then use forensics to back up their scenarios, to pin it on the perpetrator etc.

It’s great that people get interested in the field, because they saw a TV show, but the problem is they see the “glory” and that is what they are actually seeking, because it looks so riveting and so fast paced, but in reality it’s long hours, draining and far from anything glorious!

With all of that, you have the criminals, who now watch these shows to get a better understanding of how the police and courts work, and how they can go about fooling both. More and more crime scenes are now being “washed” with bleach to try and cover up any left over DNA, butt even though they think they are getting ideas on how to be very sneaky and get away with murder etc, in reality it’s a joke, because they will get caught on the sloppiness of their supposed “educated” selves.

So now the courts and law enforcement have to deal with all these ‘know-it-alls’ and still conduct their investigations and etc all while the public are in a state of outcry, because investigations, shouldn’t take that long, forensics should’ve solved this already. Now you have jurors that are obsessed with these shows and will end up not convicting, because there isn’t as much forensic evidence as you see on TV, so now the prosecutors are under immense pressure, because people might walk due to this.

I really think they should put a HUGE disclaimer before every show (even before the parental guidance etc) saying “COMPLETELY FICTIONAL”

I just feel if you’re going to watch these shows to get “educated” then you’re out of luck, read up on what you see. Watch an episode and then research the technologies that were used in the show, research the tests done etc.

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