Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Other Side Of The Moon

I know I've completely dropped off the face of the earth, but each day I think I should write a little, but it all seems so trivial and bland.
Don't get me wrong, a lot has happened, but sitting down and actually putting it out there seems that way (at the time).

Were to start.......

DW was doing great with the potty training, I was taking him every hour on the hour and things seemed to be working out... then by some sick twist he just regressed!! Now I'm plagued with soaked through underwear, soaked carpets and bed sheets *sigh*

It's starting to get better now, but now I'm taking him every 30 min, which is a pain, but it won't last forever right???

Other than that, I'm just struggling to not go completely crazy in my classes, because it seems a lot of people couldn't care less if they get their work in, in the alloted time!!!
Must be nice!!??!!

Still just trying to go day by day and do things without J... it's hard, but what can I do?

Things are just building up so much, you start to wonder when you are going to shut down after a while. Let's hope it doesn't right!!

Well I'm off to go clean up my "tornadoed" house!! Seems you clean up one bomb and another one goes off.

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