Monday, October 22, 2007

Amma Bokke

So we won the world cup once again, which is absolutely fabulous, but alas this one I haven't watched. It's sitting untouched on my DVR, which recorded the game the day after. (You have to pay to watch it live here)

I am delighted, but a little sad that I didn't have anyone to watch and enjoy it with. Not that J would be completely amped at watching Rugby (which he still doesn't entirely understand--- not even going to attempt at explaining Cricket to him *roll eyes*)

All this glory after they such a long road and I can't even enjoy it. Everyone here will say "congrats" and be on with their day, rugby just isn't one of those things they really get into.

So alas, I hope to watch this game that made many all around the world proud that they too were SA natives!!!

I'm so happy to have our name on that cup again, it's been too long!!

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