Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ok so my day has started off terrible!! When I say terrible nothing beats this


So DW gets in bed with me this morning like he always does...

And after about half and hour or so he gets up and runs around the bed I pick him up (on my side) and give him a kiss... I then notice his foot is brown.
ok so he hurt his toe the other day and it had reopened yesterday and was bleeding, so I thought it was blood..

I proceeded to look closer, and confused I smelled it!!
HELL no it was SHIT!!!!

So I put him down and look in my sheets... Sure enough, shit marks are in the bed and on the sheets now... I take him to go see where the shit is... I look everywhere on the way to his room.. nothing

I get to his room and in his room I see a hairball...
ok that won't do it...
I look over in his bed .. SHIT!!!!!!

He had been sleeping in shit the whole damn night!!!

I take our sheets off and his sheets to wash them, then I notice piss too... cat piss, Taylor shit and pissed in his bed. Tad (This little plush doll that plays music and talks, that we keep on his bed)has piss on his leg (can't put him in the washing machine!!) and so does the elephant (Another plush, it's pillow that turns into an elephant)

On top of all this I am all clogged up, DW is sick too and I can't go take a nap while DW is napping, because I have too much work to do...
The worst part is, I know I won't get a break.
What next??


Gnome said...

OH NO LT!! I can't believe it. That's really bad :( Hope you got it all cleaned up!

LT said...

Yeah, I finally did, it took all day!!


Let's hope that's the last of the craziness.