Thursday, September 20, 2007

That's how it goes

So today was the day that they were coming over to do the routine bug spraying in our apartment, so this morning I get up and get DW is drink and my coffee as usual. I figured that they would come round about noon right??

So I check my emails and classes, and I then went to go clean one of our bathrooms and was about to vacuum when a knock came at the door...

SO in they come to spray and I have cat fuzz all over (Taylor and Hattie seems to have been playing everywhere). So embarrassing right??

At least they had to walk around the vacuum cleaner to get in, so they knew I was about to vacuum and I'm not a nasty dirty person!!

So after they left I got going with the vacuum cleaner and I felt so much better, but still embarrassed they saw it like that!

I made a new little play thing for DW and he seems to absolutely love it, I took an "under the bed" plastic tote and a 15 lbs (about 7 Kg) bag of rice and put the bag of rice in the tote... so now he has a little play box with no sand, so it's easier to clean. For his birthday I got him a kitchen set, that had miniature pots, pans and ladles etc. So as you can imagine he went straight to town in this rice box.

Poor guy started crying when I told him it was his nap time... This is great, because now I have something to keep him active while I get some work done.

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