Saturday, September 22, 2007

Aren't people proud??

I don't understand how people can just do the least they can possibly do in school, don't they have any shame?? No pride in themselves? Does it not bother them to not get that easy 100%??

Maybe I just sound like a complete dork, but in my classes (here in the U.S), I have found it is so easy to get 100% and I feel like I am basically doing a crap shoot of a job, because the work I do is so minimal (I do exactly what they ask of me and it really is a joke) and some people can't even manage the bare minimum.

Maybe I am just a snob, when I went to school (in South Africa), an essay would be about 2 pages (A short essay), here it's 200 words???

So once again I ask..........


The thing that bugs me isn't really that they won't be getting good grades, it's when they start messing with mine. I once again was left holding the bag in my teamwork, because 1 person didn't post (after she left a message saying she was to be posting that day, which was 3 days ago), the other posted with no references and I even asked her to post her references, but nope she didn't bother!!! Luckily one other person posted so I was able to get the paper done, with her information and mine. But the thing is now I was once again rushed to get everything together in time.

It just irks me, because I even gave a deadline for everyone's posts, which was Thursday!!!

I hate people!!!


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