Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not Much.. Or Is That Too Much??

So J's Leave officially started yesterday and we haven't gotten up to much at all.

Yesterday we went and returned two wireless routers we bought, because they just didn't seem to have the range we needed, then of course we stopped off at Toys R Us (like we would miss it right), Anywhoo I'm kinda glad we did, because we got DW some clothes (which he desperately needs, winter is approaching FAST and he doesn't have any long pants or sweatpants or anything (Outgrew everything). So Luckily there was a sale and we got some things...

Now going back to my list from a previous post, DW loves shoes right, so we finally found him some house shoes (kinda slippers but not as girly I guess?) and now he can run around in them to his hearts content, and my toes are not in harms way!!!

But a quick word of warning to those of you without kids.... they are expensive!! At least mine is, here is a 2 year old that has to get clothes for 4 - 5 year olds!! It's completely ridiculous, but at least you get better looking clothes, not this baby... look at me I'm a train conductor *DUH* clothes.

Also we saw this art desk that I want to get him, but man they are expensive!! I'm just so tired of getting paper for him and then all his markers and stickers come tumbling down on my head (we have to put it ll on top of our bookcase, because we don't have anywhere else to put it... Oh the shame!!!)

Anywhoo so our day was spent getting somethings and we came home for DW's desperately needed nap!!!
J ended up getting a cool little gadget, that is actually really functional for him, so worth the money I guess... It's the new Sony Reader, now it might seem like a bit much, but man, this thing holds up to 80 books, and seeing J is on a ship and deploying soon for 7 months, carrying books with you is a pain, so at least I know it'll get used right??

As for today...... I'm hoping to get my passport photos taken and getting my paperwork put into a nice little package and shipping it off to those nice people at USCIS *wink* (shh they might be checking in), and hopefully I'll have all I need and J will come back and I'll be a citizen *fingers crossed* Or we'll be broke with nothing to show for it!!!

So let's hope this is my final journey with Immigration....


Mrs said...

So you're also on your final journey there!
AAh, you're making me so so broody!!
So tell me seriously...whatsitlike changing diapers?

LT said...

I better be on my final journey, if I don't get my citizenship now and the fees go up again, I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it again, even if they don't go up, man it's so much money, and to go from this greencard to the next greencard (yeah there's more than one), it costs a butt load of money!!

As for changing diapers, well hope for a boy (I did) and then it doesn't matter how you wipe...
Changing other peoples kids is horrible, but your own isn't that bad as long as it's not runny... then it's horrible. I'm almost done with diapers, and I tell you what, I'll NEVER do this again, I am SO DONE!!

Mrs said...

Oh LT, Its so admirable.
WHAT do you mean there's more than ONE greencard. I am SOOOOO coming to visit you- C even said it would be a good idea, maybe while J is away if you feeling up to it...
that's if I get this thing.

OMG. I really am just a teensy bit petrified!
When are you on for a chat. Tried this weekend, but we kept missing one another.

LT said...

Well my stuff is always open so it's if I hear it going off or not... I never have a set time...

as for greencard, depending on how long you've been married (like you guys) you should first get your working permit and then when you get your greencard, you'll get a 2 year conditional card, and after those two years you have to pay more money and fill out more forms to get it extended to 10 years unconditional, which I finally got. And then you have to wait 3 years from the date of the original greencard and then you can only apply for citizenship... so this has been a long long long long road

Mrs said...

Seriously hey.
Its not even that much effort the other way around ( I mean to come and work and live in SA)