Friday, August 31, 2007


TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL BLOG DAY as Mrs M so nicely let us know :)

So here are my recommended blogs:

1. Postsecret: This is just a great site, sometimes the secrets are funny, sometimes they kind've take you aback, it's a great site.

2. Gnomeland: This is my friend Gnome's site, and she just has this great way of looking at things and I just love reading her blogs everyday.

3. Mrs M: This is another friend of mine, we've been friends since high school, and now she has also married an American, and writes about the hardships and laughs of her everyday life.

Well these are bout the only blogs I visit RELIGIOUSLY!! Please check them out!!

Happy blog day everyone!!


Gnome said...

I think I missed Blog Day!! Thanks for the mention LT :-)

LT said...

Always a pleasure, I love reading your inner most thoughts, makes me feel like a fly on your wall *smirk*

Mrs said...

dankie daarso

LT said...

Plesier my dier :-)

Gnome said...

Glad I make you feel like a fly (that doesn't sound quite right...)