Monday, August 06, 2007


So I've been catching up on my paperwork, I sent out my new permanent resident card (formerly known as "Green Card"), in hopes of getting back a receipt for the return so that can be forwarded along with the rest of my citizenship application.

I still don't have all the forms that I would like to have, but I definitely am trying to bury them in paperwork, I would hate a delay of my citizenship. I don't see me getting denied, but man it's so much money... *sigh*

All worth it in the end right?

I just hope they send the darn receipt out as soon as they receive it. Last time I didn't even receive the receipt for my payment.

Other paperwork still in process, is that of my classes, I still need to write my papers, I definitely want to have it done tomorrow. I have all the information, I'm just slacking on writing it.

Maybe I'll get it done later tonight..............

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