Monday, August 06, 2007

Have you seen?

I definitely have a new obsession...

I am only on Season 1, but boy is this show good. It's a series on Showtime!!!

It's a bout Dexter, he is a forensic blood splatter expert, his sister is a cop and they work for the same precinct in Miami, Florida.

The twist is, he is a serial killer (Just wait, it's not what you think!!!), he kills other serial killers. So he only kills those who deserve it and disposes of their bodies!!!

What a crazy idea right?

Well J and I and our friends Dr L and E are completely hooked and only watch it together, so now we're all watching it every spare chance we get just trying to catch up before the new season, and I think we have 5 more episodes to watch. I am so excited, I really can't wait to finish!!!!

For those who haven't seen it... get it!!!!!!

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