Monday, July 16, 2007

Why Mondays Are Bad

It's morning and DW wakes me up, so I get up and go to the kitchen as I always do, and get DW his drink, now I'm heading for my morning coffee fix. So I get some coffee and heat it up in the microwave.
Now, because I am as anal as I am, I start unpacking the dishwasher, and pack in the extra dishes from last night's BBQ, the one container still had marinade in it so naturally I rinse it out into the sink and turn on the garbage disposal.

Now..... when switching on the garbage disposal I have to open up the cupboard under the sink and flip the switch....

Once I turned it on I got a huge shock as the marinade and water splashed against my arm, my legs and the door of the cupboard...!!!!!!!!!

All my cleaning supplies are now wet!!!!!!! I am freakin furious!!!

When I took everything out to wipe down the cupboard I realized that it must've been leaking for a while, because there where imprints on the bottom of the cupboard where things stood... So I call to get maintenance and of course it's too early so I have to leave a message. I call back later to make sure they got it and all they can say is the maintenance will come sometime today!!! I have errands to run people... now I have to sit and wait for people to show up. I HATE waiting... gimme a time... I have no water in my kitchen now, so I have to rinse my coffee maker out in the bathroom.

I just hope I can go get my glasses once the store opens, so I can be in and out, and back to wait for maintenance to arrive...

I still smell marinade everywhere.

What a day!!!

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